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Probably my favorite picture from my London trip. Throwback to the 2012 Olympics. 11 hours ago with 30 notes
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Anonymous: I'm really sorry to keep bothering you with my problem but I just have no one else to talk to and you seem like you care but I'm really sorry to burden you. 😞

It’s alright hun, you aren’t bothering me. I love trying to help others as much as I can <3

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Throwback to the 2012 Olympics in London where my choir sung at Canterbury Cathedral 18 hours ago with 24 notes
Anonymous: I lied to my friends about loosing my virginty because I felt like everyone was doing it, in reality I wanted to wait until marriage or with someone I truly love. My friends & I went to a party and I got really drunk, all of a sudden I'm outside being fucked by some guy, no protection. My first time. He didn't even know my name. My friends laugh about it & make jokes daily. I try not to think about it, my innocence is lost. I feel like this is my fault. I don't know what to do.

I’m sorry love, that sounds awful :( Do you have any friends that are particularly close to you? If so, try just talking to them one on one and explain to them that it really bothers you when they joke about it. You don’t have to tell them why if you aren’t comfortable with it, but just let them know that it’s insensitive and hurts you. If they really do care, they will respect your simple request. The past is the past though and you can’t change it. I know a lot of people don’t really count that as their first time since it seems to be a common thing that happens sadly. You weren’t stable enough since you were drunk and your perception was skewed but it’s not your fault that happened. Try not to let this get to you or ruin sex when you finally do decide you want to. It’s easier said than done but we all have done things that we regret to some form or another.

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Anonymous: I sent you an anon before about how I dated this guy a few times but I'm embarrassed o talk to him because of my weight, he invited me to a party tomorrow and I really want to go but I don't know what to do because I have no one to go with me and I've been hiding in my house for the past two weeks and I don't think I could handle a party because of how bad my social anxiety is I don't know what to do because I want to see him again.

Just because you have no one to go with doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. I usually never have anyone to go with when I go to parties but since he invited you, it seems like he wants to hang out with you there, or at least hang out. Parties are social and a lot of people feel a lot better once they get there.

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I need someone to sleep next to. I hate being cold and alone with my thoughts. I need someone to hold me and comfort me and tell me it’s going to be okay when I’m at my worst. I want to fall asleep in someones arms and wake up the same way.

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Anonymous: I used to freak out about my acne saying that a guy isn't going to like me if I have terrible skin but then I remember do I really want to date a guy that won't like me because I have acne which is something I can't control and that usually helps

That is seriously a wonderful way of looking at it and I’m glad you realized that. If you did want to do something about acne though there are lots of products you can use if you are feeling insecure, that help clear it more.

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