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Anonymous: make up of not/sleep or not, you're one of the most gorgeous women I've seen :)

Aghh thank you I feel like a dead horse

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Anonymous: Personally I think you're very rockin whether you believe or not you are

you’re too sweet thank you

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yip yip yippeee :)

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I don’t even look like a human without makeup, please excuse my red watery eyes bc I’ve been up for 2 days straight I promise I wasn’t crying even though that’s what it looks like 1 day ago with 77 notes

I plan on watching the sunrise this morning. I wasn’t able to sleep anyway, maybe watching the sky change colors will put me at a peace of mind.

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Juun.J F/W 2012
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Anonymous: why are you so skinny ?


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Anonymous: I really think the most true thing we learned as children was that those who pick on others are weak, and are only expressing their own lack of self confidence. You are absolutely stunning, an amazing person inside and out. I wish others wouldn't project their negative feelings onto such a wonderful person. I hope your day improves and that you sleep well tonight xxx :)

Thanks hun, although I do know this, it’s hard to believe sometimes because I have a very low view of myself as a person and everything. I feel like I deserve to be picked on or made fun of sometimes, I dunno. I wish I could sleep right now but I can’t and I’m wide awake *sigh*

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