Anonymous: You have such a cute nose

Hehe thank you

Anonymous: first I just want to say that I love you and you're perfect c: but anyways, last night, I made a stupid decision and cut for the first time since April. I mean, they aren't bad but I still feel crappy, I'm just tired of being sad all of the time.

Anonymous: Sometimes I'm offline for a few days and legitimately start to miss you. Like I worry about how you've been, and want to check up on you. That's probably really weird, but you should know that some people really do care.

Haha really? That’s so strange in my eyes honestly I didn’t think people cared about me that much

Anonymous: Your eyebrows are like wow 👍 good job, on point 👌, eyebrow game hella strong

I’ve gotten so many eyebrow compliments lately like thank you guys 

Anonymous: I think people are giving you too much of a hard time for going through a rough patch, anyone who's been through recovery knows that it is not an easy road and everyone has a couple relapses. You're really strong though and i know you'll make it through in your own way and time :)

Thanks, everyone is different I guess and no one really knows what is exactly happening except me. I haven’t gotten that much of a bad lash from people which is a good thing. It makes me happy though that you guys are so supportive.

Anonymous: You seem to have gotten more light and life in your eyes recently! I'm proud of you, and even if there are hiccups in your recovery, take note of what may have caused them and use the experience to become stronger for any future hiccups that may happen! ^-^

Thanks sweets <3 it means a lot